Back Pain? Chiropractic Care Can Help

By seoadmin
September 27, 2017

Millions of Americans each year suffer from back pain. Whether due to injury, improper sleeping habits, or a host of other factors, back pain can be debilitating and painful to endure. Thankfully, there are several medical solutions available today to help treat and prevent back pain. One of the most successful and fast-acting treatments used is chiropractic care. Administered by a licensed chiropractor, chiropractic care treatments are comprised of physical adjustments performed either by hand or with the assistance of specially-designed equipment. These adjustments are designed to relieve tightness and pressure and restore the body's natural alignment. For sufferers of back pain, chiropractic care can help reduce tension, loosen muscles, and correct alignment issues that are often the cause of back pain, thereby significantly mitigating the pain itself. At Comprehensive Medical Care, we have several doctors of chiropractic, trained to diagnose and treat many causes of back pain in patients of all ages. We also offer comprehensive physical therapy plans to help strengthen the body and keep aches and pains away. Read on to learn more about some of our available chiropractic care treatments for back pain, and contact our New Jersey medical team at (732) 352-3555 today!

Spinal Manipulation

For many patients with back pain, the pain is caused by misalignment of the spine. The spine is composed of several connected pieces of bone called vertebrae which can move out of alignment causing persistent pain. Chiropractors use several spinal manipulation techniques to re-align the spine, restoring the body's natural alignment and alleviating associated pain. Spinal manipulation is performed using the application of controlled force (either by hand or with a machine) to a particular area to improve joint motion and move vertebrae back into their natural places. There are several techniques our chiropractors use for different alignment issues, and are safe for all ages and body types. When you schedule an appointment with us, we will assess your back for any vertebra problems and apply the appropriate technique once the assessment is complete.

Treatments for Lower Back Pain

In addition to spinal misalignment, there are a number of other issues that contribute to back pain. Among these are muscle tightness and disc-on-nerve compression, or what is known as a “pinched nerve.” Below, we've provided information on specialized chiropractic techniques used to treat these causes of back pain.

Flexion Distraction
Flexion distraction is a pain-free technique that is used to relieve lower back pain caused by disc and nerve contact. During flexion distraction, the patient is placed on a special table that stretches the spine while at the same time uses a pumping motion to flex it. This can help move discs away from nerves and yield pain relief almost immediately. When positive results are shown, it's recommended that the treatment is repeated several times in the following weeks and months.

Pelvic Blocking
Pelvic blocking also works to move discs away from nerves to help alleviate lower back pain in patients. During pelvic blocking treatment, cushioned wedges are placed under a patient's body to assist in alignment. A chiropractor then works with gravity to administer gentle adjustments to help move the disc away from the nerve.

Massages and Physical Therapy

Adjustments aren't the treatments chiropractors provide to help deal with back pain. At Comprehensive Medical Care, our chiropractors combine our adjustment services with therapeutic massage treatments like the patented Active Release Technique (ART) to help loosen muscles and break down hardened scar tissue that may have developed in muscles over time. Breaking down this tissue will not only allow our adjustment techniques to be more effective — but it will also help your muscles to feel better and work the way they're supposed to. For more prolonged muscle and back pain relief, we also offer comprehensive physical therapy programs to help strengthen the body's muscles to support strong movement and posture. By working to strengthen and loosen your muscles, our physical therapy programs will help you live pain-free year after year.

Professional Relief for Your Back Pain

In this guide, we hope to have shown you why chiropractic care is an excellent route to take when you are experiencing back pain. If you are interested in learning more about the myriad benefits of working with trained chiropractic and physical therapy specialists like those here at Comprehensive Medical Care, we invite you to call us at (732) 352-3555 today!

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